Handyman Services

Need help with a special project or a home remodel, we have the experience to do it right. Contact us for a complimentary in-home estimate. 

Here are some available services:

 ● Plumbing Services
     ○ Water heater replacement
     ○ Fixture replacements ie toilets, sinks, faucets etc.
     ○ Water softener installation
     ○ Humidifier installation
     ○ Garbage disposal replacement 
     ○ General maintenance and repair
Electrical Services
     ○ Ceiling fan installation
     ○ Light fixture replacement
     ○ Outlet and switch replacement
     ○ Recessed lighting installation
     ○ Flat screen TV installation
     ○ General maintenance and repair
Appliance installation
Sprinkler systems
     ○ Turn on and winterization
     ○ Repair and maintenance
     ○ New installation
Garage services
     ○ Opener replacement or service
     ○ Roller and spring replacement
     ○ Lube and adjust
     ○ New door replacement
Cosmetic services
     ○ Drywall patch and texture
     ○ Paint
     ○ Caulking and grout
General handyman services and repairs
Safety and prevention
     ○ installation of fire extinguishers
     ○ Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - replace if necessary
Home security
     ○ Electronic door knobs
     ○ Ring doorbell installation
     ○ Security lights and cameras
Home convenience
     ○ Digital, WiFi or Bluetooth thermostats
     ○ WiFi enabled sprinkler controllers

Don't see what you need? Just ask, more services are available.